Proton Week 8

Week 8….
This week I finally feel like it’s all coming to an end! Crazy now when we look back how we’ve been here for so long, yet somedays feel like it’s gone so quick and others not so quick! The days turn to weeks here without really knowing what day of the week it is! All we focus on are gantry times and what time we need to be at the proton centre, we’ve had appointments at 6am right through to 8.30pm in the evening but luckily not too many of these!

I’ve already started packing, sorting out, it’s amazing what you accumulate in 10 weeks!! Especially the 3 kids. Most of it can be given back or donated to another family hopefully! Especially the teddies!! Lol, This week Louis will graduate and we attend his Wednesday lunch where he wants to do his own thank you speech! They take pictures of the graduates and it’s a massive achievement, Very emotional and I usually cry at other graduates speeches so this week will be emotional for sure, Louis last treatment is on Monday the 29th Feb where he gets to ring Auds chime bell, I cannot wait for this, it would have been Friday but the centre is closed Friday so we have to be patient a bit longer!

It’s been a bit of a worry week, we are in a proton bubble where you feel safe from harm and protected from the real world, I feel like I can only pretend I’m ok for so much longer, but there’s bound to be days like this, it’s nice to have people here who feel exactly the same and it’s good to hear too, I guess it will be like this going forward, I just have to take one day at a time and not worry about the what ifs and the what nexts! .. It makes you look back at how far he’s come and truly how amazing he has been, it really is going to be a lifelong journey but he has amazed everyone and is still smiling.

I’m looking forward to getting him started on his growth hormone! He is so excited about growing! You forget how he must feel, nearly nine being the size of an average 6 year old as much as I find him cute! I have to remember he’s an 8 year old boy who dosesn’t want to be different let alone look different from his mates! It’s one of the positives we focus on, Louis can’t wait to get back to school and see his mates and we are all now counting the days, he also gets to make a wish and wants an Astro turf football pitch at the bottom of the garden, this he definitely deserves and I will make sure this happens even if I dig it up myself lol! I’m looking forward to have something positive to focus on! So I hope it’s not too cold when I get home!

Thank you to my lovely friend Chloe for getting our school on board for wear it out day, Thankyou Barrow Hedges staff and parents for all your support and all of you who have brought the brain tumour bandanas to show your support on the 4th March, so many of you are getting your work places and schools involved which is incredible, don’t forget to post up all your wear it out pics X

A reminder at how far Louis has come, our brave gorgeous boys Journey so far In the last 6 months x


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