Proton Week 7

Week 7 and 20 treatments down 10 to go.

Can honestly not believe we have got this far when you look back at week 1 and 2 Louis has come so far and has done incredible! He may still lose his hair like a few of his friends have and has had the odd bout of tiredness and headache but nothing to what and how I imagined the side effects to be! It’s an old wife’s tale apparently not to wash your hair during treatment and it helps, well luckily that’s not a hard task as Louis hates his hair being washed since surgery so washing his hair is very rare these days!! Lol ! So maybe it’s true! Who knows but either way he’s done incredible and coped better than I would for sure.

There are so many children here having treatment and they never look miserable they are all happy always smiling always laughing, they instantly gel to each other, and believe me when I tell you, my children look forward to going to the proton centre every day! The doctors, the craft table the friends, even Louis does which seems odd I know it’s just the most welcoming place you could ever go for treatment, Gerry on reception knows everyone by name and greets you the minute you walk through the door. We were given free Zoo tickets this week so took a trip to Jacksonville Zoo to feed the Giraffe, and the Jayden Project charity organised a valentines party for the kids at Slinkies soft play which the kids loved! Some more of our friends have graduated this week the lovely Cameron age 14 got to ring the bell and we are so pleased to have been there, we celebrated with more ice cream at Kilwins!! we are not far behind now! It feels good we are coming to the end. The next 3 weeks will fly by for sure! We took a trip to the beach today was very windy but still so beautiful, there are definitely worst places to be for treatment for sure.

Proton beam therapy side effects are generally fewer in number and less in severity than other forms of radiation resulting in a better quality of life during and after, since the side effects of proton therapy tend to be less severe, physicians maybe able to treat tumours with higher doses of proton radiation.
Traditional X-ray therapy deposits radiation in healthy tissues that surrounds a tumor as well as the tumor itself. As traditional radiation enters and leaves the body, it leaves a track of radiation damage, much like that left by a bullet.

Protons, on the other hand, do not travel through the body the same way that traditional radiation does. Instead, they stop in the tissue at a calculated distance. So the majority of the radiation energy that comes from proton therapy is deposited in the tumor, not in the surrounding healthy tissue this means that vital organs can be protected from damage. We feel very grateful that we are here having this treatment we feel we are in the right place with the best doctors, we will be glad when this is all over but I’m sure we will also feel sad to leave! X

Highlight for Louis this week is probably being asked if he would like to set the fire alarm off at proton for the practice fire drill!!! He loved it and came out wearing ear plugs!! Lol x

March the 4th is wear it out day for the Brain tumour charity organisation that we have become involved with, this charity works with Headsmart which helps educate GPs and help diagnose earlier and promote earlier MRI, we will be wearing our bandanas and you can too, click on the link below to purchase your bandanas and help support the brain tumour charity, maybe get your school or workplace involved, you could wear any bandana or hat and make a donation or buy a brain tumour bandana, either way, wear it with pride, attitude, love, or style.. However, you wear it just wear it out! X …

Click here to buy your Brain Tumour Bandana

Helping one person may not change the world but it could change the world for that one person .. 3 weeks and counting x

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